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Starting from 399/month When Denise was being designed, the idea was to hybridize bent steel and polypropylene re-enforced with glass fibres to create a chair that would fir in commercial and residential, indoor and outdoor spaces. The result is this light chair that flexes to allow comfortable seating with an adjustable support structure that can be regulated to provide stability even on uneven surfaces.


Starting from 299/month Stella is a wonderful light weight stack-able chair that is easily portable and convenient to store. This chair has a polypropylene shell that is UV ray resistant. The supports are made of anodized 20 mm diameter aluminium tube which makes it suitable for outdoor use.


Starting from 259/month Tiffany is an extremely light-weight chair making it very convenient to move around. Its baroque influence makes it look like one of those French café chairs. Its exquisite design makes it an impressive substitute for tacky plastic or portable chairs. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, events and cafeterias.


Starting from 299/month A well designed chair, Megan, is a must have for temporary events that need chairs with a stack-able option. It is a one-piece gas injected chair that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This chair is recyclable and thus nature-friendly. The beautiful finish of this product makes it look refined. It is available in a huge range of colours.


Starting from 359/month • A sturdy medium back chair with wooden back. • Made of high grade wood. • Please refer to the images for dimensions • For Indoor Use only.
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